About WP-HR Manager

Your HR Manager for WordPress

WP-HR Manager empowers HR teams, line managers and employees.

Record employee information, track leave, monitor assessments, message team members, create employee portals with Employee Self-Service options, add GDPR, attendance and recruitment tools - all within your WordPress site.

Great Features You Will Enjoy with WP-HR Manager

WP-HR Manager extends your WordPress based website into a powerful HR management system. Empower your employees and tool up your HR team with our FREE core plugin. Add paid extensions to create a bespoke HR management system that fits your organisation. Get started today with WP-HR Manager.

Comprehensive Employee Information

Record and track a wide range of employee information, personal details, qualifications, assessments, attendance, promotions, salaries and more.

Manage Your HR Processes

Create and record appraisals, manage recruitment interviews and feedback, monitor time keeping and attendance, approve and record leave. You can manage a host of HR processes with WP-HR Manager.

Employee Self Service

Empower employees with self-service tools to amend their own data; check-in and check-out; request leave; and monitor performance. Improve record accuracy and save admin time!

Fitted to Your Organisation

Create multiple locations for multi-site organisations; add departments, job roles, management roles and more to tailor your set up to match your organisation structure.

Unbeatable Pricing - Starts Free!

The free version is already a powerful HRM system. But if you need upgrades or add ons, they are fixed price - no per employee pricing or expensive set up fees.

Open Source Code

Built to WordPress standards, the code is open source - meaning you are free to change or amend it. Developing your own features, changing settings etc is easy.

Add the Features You Need

Our growing list of pro features and add ons allow you to add the capabilities you need and not bloat your system with functionality you'll never use.

Web Based for Easy Access

Your team can log on to WP-HR Manager wherever they are located, because it's web based. Great for remote workers or multi-site organisations.

Why do HR Professionals Love WP-HR Manager?

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'A great tool for organisations of all sizes. The free version does all the basics things you need – and then you can customize with add-ons to get the exact mix of functionality you want. This one will just get better and better.'

Bill Banham, Publisher, HR Gazette

'WP-HR Manager is a new approach to HRM software - neither a clunky old desktop application, nor a cloud system with expensive per employee pricing. An exciting new tool for HR managers.'

Becki Clarke, Editor, HRreview


I'm still implementing the package (configuring employees time off and so on) but when I hit a snag during the installation support was phenomenal and stuck with me with quick responses until we worked through the issue. I wish the software I pay thousands of dollars a year had this kind of support.

Great product!

Easy to use and good support available.

H Lee Korea

This is a very wonderful plugin. Also they gave very good feedback. It was a great help in my work. If your looking for a useful plugin this might be it.

carenjoe2018 WonDesigns, UK

A fantastic plugin with excellent response from the support team! has changed my life – thank you!

A Short Introduction to WP-HR Manager

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