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1.0 Getting Started

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WP-HR GDPR is a tool box to help HR professionals comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).  In itself, it won’t make you compliant, but it might make getting there a bit easier.  We strongly recommend that you seek qualified advice when planning and implementing your GDPR response!

WP-HR GDPR comes in two versions – Lite and Pro.

WP-HR GDPR Lite Features

  • Create your Data Protection Policy
  • Display the Policy on your website using a shortcode
  • Create a consent/acknowledgement form for employees
  • Collect consents when employees submit name and email address
  • Keep a register of consents on the backend of your website

WP-HR GDPR Pro Features

Our Pro version is designed to integrate with the plugin WP-HR Manager. When both plugins are installed you benefit from all the employee management features of WP-HR Manager plus enhanced GDPR tools, including:

  • Nominate Data Protection Officers who can access plugin features and restrict access to certain data for other user types
  • Link Consents and other GDPR activities to employee profiles
  • Create a Subject Access Request page and allow logged in users to submit without the need to submit additional ID
  • Create a Register to log all Subject Access Requests and manage how they are processed
  • Record GDPR training for each employee
  • Automatically send an email to people submitting Consent and Subject Access Request forms as a record of their submission
  • Automatically notify Data Protection Officers about new Consent and Subject Access Request submissions
  • Integrate your Data Privacy Notice and Consent forms within Job Applications created using the WP-HR Recruitment extension


The WP-HR GDPR plugin provides tools to assist you in managing your GDPR responsibilities. However, we strongly recommend you seek professional advice when completing the Data Privacy Notice and on other aspects of your GDPR manager. Black and White Digital Ltd (the plugin author) accepts no responsibility for the correct implementation of GDPR regulations in your organisation or for the configuration and use of this plugin by your organisation, employees, contractors or other representatives.