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2.0 Creating your Privacy Policy

WP-HR GDPR can guide you through the essentials of creating a Privacy Notice (or ‘Privacy Policy’) for your employees.

You will need to commence by assessing what information your organisation keeps on employees, where this is located and who has access to it etc.  You will need to do this off line and not in the plugin.  Once you have conducted this ‘Data Audit’ you can use the information you have gathered to draw up your Privacy Policy.  We recommend working through the Policy questionnaire section to give you an idea of the type of information you might look for when conducting your Data Audit.

The plugin comes with a collection of basic Privacy Notice sections/questions pre-installed.  You should tailor these to your own organisation’s needs.  Click on a blue section heading (see below) to begin editing.

WP-HR GDPR Privacy Policy Set Up Page

Pre-Installed Privacy Policy – Section Headings, Tips and Model answers come pre-installed.


Editing a Section

Each Section needs to be edited to match your own organisations needs.

The policy section screen consists of five parts:

  1. The Admin Title – a question or section heading for the person completing the form set up
  2. Default Title – Edit this to create the title or section heading that employees will see on the finished form
  3. Notes – some notes to assist you in completing the policy statement
  4. Default Suggested Text – this is the same text as you will see in the final section – but this is a permanent copy for your reference
  5. Policy text – the text that will be seen by employees when reading your Privacy Notice
Wp-HR GDPR Editing a Section

The options you will see when creating a Privacy Statement section.


Adding Additional Sections

You can also add additional sections to cover other areas using the options in the ‘Create Notice’ screen.

For example, if you collect more than one data type, you might want to add seperate sections for each type of data and each associated ‘Legal Basis for Processing’ that data.


Displaying your Privacy Notice

You can insert your Privacy Policy on any page or post in your website using the shortcode:

Privacy Policy Shortcode