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2.0 Sending an SMS Message

By installing WP-HR SMS Message you have added a new feature to the existing Announcements tool in WP-HR Manager.

When create new announcement, a section on the message page gives you the option to also sent the announcement by SMS. The Annoucement can also be displayed on the Employee’s WP-HR Manager dashboard and sent by email.

Go to the sidebar menu WPHR Manager → Announcement
→ press the button “Add Announcement”

WP-HR SMS Messages Add Annoucement
Select the Annoucements option in the side bar and then click ‘Add Announcement’.

→ Scroll down to “Announcement Settings” → Enable the checkbox.
→ Type in the message in the text box titled SMS Body.

WP-HR SMS Messages
Write your SMS and select the appropriate settings in the ‘Announcement Settins’ section.