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2.2 Twilio

I found this one a bit tricky to set up, but they did have a good support team and resolved my issues. Go to https://www.twilio.com/

If you just want a test account, then you have to get one of their phone numbers – it’s free, but beware, there are some that don’t work with SMS messages and it’s not obvious when you use their console that you need to choose one with SMS features – essentially I had to reject the first number they offered and then a pop up appeared asking me for some more criteria and it was here I could get the SMS enabled version.

Also note that both sending and receiving numbers must use the formate +xxyournumberwithoutthe’0′ (xx = country code) where as many of the other providers only need the country code prefix and not the + eg xxyournumberwithoutthe’0′

With a free trial you will need to verify the number you want to send to. You will also need to confirm the country on there Geo Location screen.

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