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4.0 Editing Vacancies

You can add and remove fields from your recruitment form and you can amend a questionnaire you have created.

To edit a vacancy, go to WP Dashboard → WPHR Recruitment → Job Opening hover on the job title and click the option you require: Edit, Bin, View.

(Note: If you click the actual vacancy name, you will go to the administration page for the vacancy, NOT the edit page.  View will take you to the front end job listings screen).

The fields on the Recruitment Settings block are mostly for internal use and only a few of them will be displayed on the frontend.

However, all the selectable fields in the Applicant Personal Fields block will, if enabled, be displayed in the frontend. These fields can be made mandatory. If the mandatory fields are not completed by the candidate, the submission will be disabled.

Here are a few details about the fields in this form which might sound complicated:

  • Select Hiring Lead: This field is for admin use only. This field assigns a personnel for the recruitment procedure for the announcement. Typically it is the department leader.
  • Location: It is possible for a company to have several offices in a city. This field allows to choose the actual location of the workplace for the post.
  • Internal Job Code: This is an optional job code maintained by the management if they use any for tracking individual recruitment postings.
  • Expire Date: With this field you will be able to set an expiry date or deadline for the job opening. After the defined time, the post will be displayed no more on your site and candidates will not be able to make submissions.

Selecting a Questionnaire with the form
At the end of the page you will find a drop down menu entitled ‘Set Question For This Job’ from where you can select a question set. If you haven’t created any question sets yet, the instructions are in Section 6.0 below.