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1.0 Getting Started

Installation & Overview

If you have added the plugin using the Add On screen at  WP-Dashboard → WPHR Settings→ Settings→ Add Ons the installation should be automatic.

If you need to do a manual install from the Zip file, the installation of this add-on is same as a regular WordPress plugin. Navigate to WP-Dashboard → Plugins → Add New → Upload the add-on file → Install and activate.

You may need to synchronize your license – go to WPHR Settings => Settings => Account. If you are asked for a license number, check the email which was sent to you on completion of your purchase.

Known Issue:  Please Reset Permalinks

WordPress can sometimes need a quick reset to flush through changes when new types of content are added.  As we have a front-end interface, we have some templates that load depending on the request URL and these need some love…

Please navigate to WP-Dashboard → Settings → Permalinks and select Post Name and click Save.

If you have already set the permalinks to Post Name, then clicking Save should do the trick. If you deactivate and reactivate the plugin, then this process is required again.