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1.7 Frontend View and Shortcodes

You may not want employees to access the WordPress ‘backend’ and instead encourage them to manage their information from a nice looking ‘frontend’ page. WP-HR Manager allows you to do this for logged in employees.

When setting up the plugin should create three new pages:

  • Employee List
  • Employee profile
  • My profile

With the front end content with URLs will be like

  • www.yourdomain/employee-list/
  • www.yourdomain/employee-profile/
  • www.yourdomain/my-profile/

Check they exist and if not, create the pages and add the following shortcodes, then you can add these to a menu or give the page links to employees.

WP-HR Manager Shortcodes

If you have the Pro version of WP-HR Manager, you can set the default option to send employees who have logged in directly to their frontend profile page – see here for more information.

Sample Frontend Pages

WP-HR Manager Employee Profile General Tab
Sample frontend view of an employee profile (actual appearance may differ depending on your Theme)
Example of frontend view employee list page (actual appearance may vary depending on your Theme)