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1.1 Installation

From WordPress.org

WP-HR Manager can be installed directly from the WordPress plugin repository:

  1. Go to WP Dashboard → Plugins → Add new
  2. Now search for ‘WP-HR Manager’ on the search bar to the right.
  3. Click on Install.
  4. Activate.


From a Zip File

If you choose, you can download a Zip file from the WordPress Repository.

To install from a zip:

  1. Go to WP Dashboard → Plugins → Add new
  2. Click on ‘Upload Plugin’ button
  3. Select your zip file using the ‘Browse’ option
  4. Upload
  5. Activate

You can download a copy of the plugin  from the Members Dashboard here.

(You will receive your login credentials after your first purchase, and for security reasons, will have to update your auto-generated password upon your first login.)

Checking the software is installed

If you are installing WP-HR Manager for the first time, then an Easy Setup Wizard will launch following activation.

You should also notice some new menu items in the WP Admin panel sidebar: ‘WPHR Settings’, ‘WPHR Manager’ and ‘WPHR Leave’.